Victor’s Sacrifice that God admires

(This man refers to the Victor of the Victory Altar.)

CheonJiGongSa(天地公事) the Work of Renewing Heaven and Earth is done by the Savior alone, not by many people. As This man is killing all the demons on the earth, the demons are all fleeing to the Moon and stars. The demons that fled there are coming back to the Earth and killing people again. So the Savior captured all the demons that fled to the Moon, uprooted them out and destroyed them. So, is there a place for demons to hide? There’s nowhere to hide. God raised the Savior completely for six thousand years. God raised the almighty Savior, not an incompetent being.

Blood is decayed due to greed

This man said all things in the early days of the Victory Altar. Saying “as after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.” This man taught that desire is a sin. and said that if one eats with greed, they will have a stomach ache, and acupuncturing their finger, dark red blood comes out. That proves their blood decays. Through capillaries that move the stomach, gastric fluid is conveyed to the stomach and the energy to move the stomach is delivered. But if the small blood vessels in the stomach are clogged, the stomach is twisted without moving. The reason why one has a stomachache is because of a spasm in the stomach. Acupuncturing the end of their finger, the rotten blood comes out, and then digestion will start.

So when this tiny blood vessel is blocked, the blood from the heart spills out onto the block and comes back. So the vessels on the other side of the block are vacuumed and compressed. And then, when you prick your fingers’ end, the blood blocking it is going to explode. As soon as it opens, the dark blood comes out through it. Then you burp. It is common knowledge among us Koreans when one has a stomachache, if they acupuncture their fingertips, with a needle, it is healed. But they don’t know what causes it. But the Savior knows everything. The capillaries are blocked, so the gastric fluid is not delivered, and the energy that drives the stomach is not transmitting, so the stomach is warped. The moment your stomach is twisted, your stomach hurts and you feel pain. And then, when you acupuncture the end of fingers, the blocked capillaries are pierced and the blood circulates, and the stomach begin to operate again. When the stomach starts working again, the digestion begins again.

It’s not even known by medical doctors. Medical doctors will say, “That’s right.” if they listen to This man. So you’re sure This man is with God, right? How does This man know that without God? How does he know that capillaries inside a person’s body are blocked? He sees everything that moves in the human body with God.

You don’t get angry when you regard people as God

You got angry because you heard something unpleasant. If you thought of your opponent as God, you wouldn’t feel bad, would you? So This man said, “Regard him as God.” If you consider him as God, you can’t commit sins at all. Also, you can’t get angry. Then, your blood cannot decay. This man has been telling you how to live forever, scientifically, logically and completely. Those who don’t understand what he says must be cursed. They don’t understand that because they are full of their thoughts.

If you are loyal to God, you can go on this path of eternal life. If you die on the way of living forever, there’s nothing worse than that. If you live on this path for ever and ever, you will become God and enjoy happiness in a world of pleasure. Happiness is in God, not in a man. It means that only if one is free from human bridle and become God, they can enjoy happiness.

If you think your oppenent like God, you will have the heart of God
It’s very easy to be a God. If you have God’s heart, you can become a God. The heart of God makes the blood of God, and the blood of God creates God’s body. Then you can never get sick because your body is formed with non-corrosive blood. Therefore, you are not allowed to get sick and you will live forever. If you want to have the heart of God, you should think of other people as God. This is how to conceive the heart of God. If you considers the people you see as God, serve them like God, and worship them like God, you will naturally become Gods. If many people look like Gods, wouldn’t you be Gods? Is it natural for you to become Gods? If you treat someone like God, and treat him like God, it is impossible for you not to become God. This man taught you how to become Gods in the early days of the Victory Altar. If you did as he said, then you all would be God by now. Everyone can become God in ten years. Because you don’t practice, you don’t have the heart regarding everyone as God, you do not become Gods and acts as humans. You got it?

When This man was trained in the Secret Chamber, he served a man persecuting him as God, This man respected that person like God and did what he told to do although he was 20 years younger than This man. If he told me to pick up firewood, This man did it. If that man ordered to carry a big stone, This man did as he told. So at the end, he said that he couldn’t live without This man. Although he had his wife and his children, and he did not go his home and wanted to live with This man. So he loved This man more than his wife? When This man beat all the demons in that man and killed them all, he was completely crazy about This man. Knowing that man liked This man, the Victress said, “You’ve just become a Victor.” One can’t do it unless they’re overcomers. A victorious man turned the mind of a man like an enemy into a man that could not live without This man.

You have to beat the opponent to become a Victor

Going this way, you are supposed to find an opponent. There is the one who hates you in your life without any reason. He is just your opponent. Please love the man with all your heart, then the demon inside him dies. If you kill the devil and win, you will become a Victor and a God. As This man was tall or strong, he did not become a Victor. This man loved someone who hated and abused him. Even when This man lived in a room with him, he slept on a warm place, and I slept in a cold one. It was so cold that This man could not sleep shivering all night. After three or four months, This man became a Victor. That man hated and was jealous of This man whenever he had a chance. But This man changed his heart into a mind that he could not live without him, and God was surprised. This man killed all the demons in his body and killed all the demons in that man, and God was amazed.
So like this, live a sacrificial life that God admires. When you become people who live offering God everything that they have lavishly, God will admire and bless you big. God hopes that you all are like this. Do you understand?*

  • Extracted from the sermon of the Victor Cho Hee Sung of the Victory Altar on Oct. 28th, 2002.
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2 thoughts on “Victor’s Sacrifice that God admires

  • 2019년 12월 18일 8:52 오전

    Source? It seems to me you are confusing two different concepts.
    I would double check your content for factual errors.

    • 2019년 12월 18일 8:21 오후

      About eternal life, Victor is the primary source and origin whose teachings are explained throughout our surroundings.
      It is a scientific approach/background to turn the religious pursuit of eternal life into practical. If you pick up any particular topic out of your complication, please provide it to me, and I would like to help your better understanding.


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