A Comparative Study on the Deciphering Petroglyph of Mt. Lawz(so-called Mt. Sinai) & the Ancient Hebrew on the Roof-End Tiles of Gojoseon(古朝鮮) Dynasty in Korea


Park Tae-Seon graduating from the Department of Philosophy, National Gyeongsang University, is a reporter for Victory Newspaper. He wrote 󰡔Re-writing the True BibleⅠ,Ⅱ, Ⅲ󰡕 as the director of the Ancient Hebrew Institute and a vice president of the International Academy of Neo-humans Culture(IANC). Now he has many unique research achievements by tracing the link between Dangun the founder of the Korean and the lost Dan Tribe, Additionally and devoting to the study of ancient Israel’s history and relics.